The Awesomeness that is Nerd JERK

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I met Steph a few years ago at APE and was instantly amazed by her talent. Soon my apartment was filled with her nerdy creations and I loved it. One evening before Christmas last year I got an amazing idea to get a custom BMO from Adventure Time made for my boyfriend Matt Martin made by Steph. We exchanged a few messages through Etsy planning out this custom piece. I must say she is extremely nice and so wonderful to work with. When I received BMO in the mail I was speechless at how detailed and perfect he turned out to be. From the buttons on his front to the speaker and BMO written on his sides, it was almost as if he jumped out of the television screen. We couldn’t have been happier. Thank you again, Steph.


If you haven’t checked out the Nerd JERK Etsy page yet, you really should. It is filled with everything nerdy, including, Bob-Ombs, Super Heroes, Mario Mushrooms of all kinds, Kirby and MUCH more. Seriously, go look and buy stuff because it will bring your cool points up by a lot.




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